Draymond Green on Gm2 adjustments: “Physicality and meeting force with force is important”

Golden State Warriors entered Gm2 of the NBA Finals using more of their physical self against the Boston Celtics, who outplayed the Dubs in Game 1 after a great fourth-quarter run. Draymond Green said Tuesday is important to meet force with force in the Finals.

“You get to the NBA Finals and physicality and meeting force with force is important. It’s just something that you have to bring to this game,” Green said on the adjustments in Game 2.

“You can’t get to this stage, to this level, and the reason you lose is because a team didn’t feel you. That’s a shame. You have to lose once you get to this level because a team was just better than you.”

The Warriors will have to come with the same attitude on Wednesday night if they want to get the home advantage back after the Celtics stole Gm1 from them. Green knows you would not be able to live with himself if Golden State lose due to the lack of force.

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“I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I’m going on about my summer and we lost the NBA Finals because we couldn’t meet force with force. So I think that was just kind of it for me and understanding that, like I said, that is my department,” said Green.

The Warriors will face the Celtics in TD Garden, Boston Wednesday night for Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Golden State’s defensive effort will play a big role on Wednesday’s night matchp and Green will be at the helm of that effort.

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