NBA expert on Hedgeout: “Donovan Mitchell unlikely to be deeply involved in Jazz’s coaching search”

The Utah Jazz are in search for a new head coach, but superstar guard Donovan Mitchell is not expected to get involved in the process.

It is not uncommon for a superstar player to get involved in his team’s coaching process, but in this case, this is not likely to happen.

Several coaches have already emerged as candidates to replace Quin Snyder and the Jazz want to hire the new head coach as soon as possible.

Donovan Mitchell Quin Snyder Jazz
Photo: Spenser Heaps/ Deseret News spoke with NBA expert Ryan Murphy, Managing Editor at Covers (Part 1 of his interview here), who gave us some inside information on the issue.

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“The Jazz would be wise to appease Donovan Mitchell, but it seems unlikely that he’ll be deeply involved in the process.

After all, he had little say in Snyder’s resignation, telling the press afterwards that he was “surprised” by the move.

Utah will certainly try to find a coach that fits Mitchell’s style, but the Jazz have always put the integrity of the organization above all else and won’t move heaven and earth to appease their superstar. Expect Mitchell to be informed, but not necessarily consulted,” Murphy said.

Even though he has been part of several trade scenarios, Donovan Mitchell is expected to remain with the Jazz, who prefer to trade Rudy Gobert instead. Both superstars are under massive contracts with the franchise, which expire in the summer of 2026.

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