EuroLeague Rumors: Vasilije Micic heading to NBA but not for OKC Thunder

Anadolu Efes star Vasilije Micic could be on his way to join an NBA team this summer. In any case, he’s not expected to join the OKC Thunder, which has the Serbian guard’s rights in the NBA.

According to ESPN’s draft expert Jonathan Givony, the EuroLeague MVP finally wants to make the jump to the NBA this upcoming season. While Micic being interested in joining the NBA next season has been floated around several times throughout the years, this time his interest seems to be real.

It looks like Micic, who is 28 years old, does not want to waste time being in a backcourt logjam on a rebuilding team and would prefer to be on a contender. The feeling is probally same from the other side, as it doesn’t make a ton of sense to add Micic onto a young core, which focuses on improving for the future.

In any case, the Thunder can use the two-time EuroLeague MVP as a trade chip to acquire more future assets. The Thunder will have four picks in the upcoming draft. The Thunder could be a considerable player on draft night, using their four draft picks, Micic’s rights, and the additional 13 picks they’ve compiled for future years.

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According to Givony, OKC will use those assets to draft the player they want. As for Micic, Efes will likely try to keep him, but the NBA can offer him more and the Serbian guard seems serious about making the jump after two incredible seasons in the EuroLeague.

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