Warriors’ Steve Kerr on Andrew Wiggins’ 26-point game: “He’s definitely confident”

Andrew Wiggins was the Warriors’ battering ram in Gm5 of the series vs Boston. The Canadian forward put up 26 points and 13 rebounds to lead the Warriors to a huge victory over Boston in a night that Steph Curry went for 0-of-9 rom deep.

Steve Kerr said Wiggins is playing with confidence during the postseason and his incredible performance Monday night was another example of that. The Canadian forward shot 12-of-23 from the field and had two steals and one block in the other end of the floor.

“He’s definitely confident. He’s definitely enjoying the playoffs. He loves the challenge. He loves the competition. And he’s found such a crucial role on our team, and I think that empowers him. He knows how much we need him, so he’s been fantastic.”

Wiggins had another great game in the previous contest against Boston registering 17 points and 16 rebounds, while playing great in the defensive end of the floor where Tatum and Brown were not effective in the crucial fourth quarter.

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The Warriors’ defensive effort was once again evident, keeping the Celtics at 94 points and forcing them to 18 turnovers. Wiggins was again a big part of the Golden State’s defensive plan as Boston finished the game shooting 41 percent from the field.

“It’s just, you know, staying active. You know, staying — asserting yourself, even when you’re tired or just finding reasons to motivate yourself to win, and I feel like it’s just a competitive spirit in me,” Wiggins said on his growth in the defensive end.

“I love guarding every team’s best player. I know it’s huge. It’s going to help win games, and it’s something I look forward to.”

Steve Kerr admitted that circumstances are everything for an NBA player, and Wiggins found the right environment in Golden State to thrive after being labeled a “bust” as the no.1 pick. Several peers questioned Wiggins’ competitive spirit and will to win.

“I think it’s a reminder that for every — almost every player in the NBA, circumstances are everything. You kind of need to find the right place, the right teammates, that kind of stuff. Wiggs has been a great fit,” Warriors’ head coach said.

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