Draymond Green explains how much Steve Kerr has evolved as coach

Draymond Green shared his thoughts on the evolution of Steve Kerr as head coach during his stint with the Golden State Warriors (2014-present).

The star forward talked about the areas the veteran coach has evolved and how this development has helped the team.

“He’s continued to grow. I think the number one change I’ve seen in Steve is his trust in his coaching staff, I think that’s continued to grow.

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And not that he didn’t always trust his coaching staff because he has and it’s always been an open-door policy since the day he’s walked in here, but on a day-to-day basis, you can just see how he’s delegated.

The way he uses Mike Brown, the way he uses Kenny Atkinson, the way he uses Deckie, the way he uses Jama and CD and Jacob Rubin, and it’s so on down the line.

I think that is the growth and understanding, like, man, I am only as strong as this group that I have standing next to me, and the way that they built that group out, I think has been absolutely amazing.

I think it’s been a huge part to our run and I think one of my favorite things that he brings to the table, he’s a guy that knows what he doesn’t know.

That’s one of the best traits you can possess in this world, is being smart enough to know what you don’t know and Steve is absolutely incredible at that. He leans on those guys for their strengths. I think that’s huge.

And his confidence in knowing we’ll figure this out and we’ll go make some adjustments and we’re going to put you in the best position that we can to be successful, and just never being rattled.

That’s a huge thing in our growth. That’s an area that Steve has really grown, is you have coaches that gives players confidence and you have coaches that don’t, and I think he has really grown in that area where he just gives guys confidence and that’s huge,” Draymond Green told media, including Hedgeout.net, on Wednesday.

Draymond Green and the Warriors are one win away from claiming the NBA championship (3-2). Even if they lose Game 6 on Thursday, they will have a second chance in Game 7 at Chase Center on Monday.

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