Lakers’ HC Darvin Ham says he’s happy with Anthony Davis’ practice habits

Anthony Davis is hoping to help the Lakers succeed next season by staying healthy. He recently admitted that he did not touch a basketball since the end of the 2021-22 season, which was finished prior to the playoffs for the LA franchise.

Los Angeles Lakers new head coach Darvin Ham said he’s happy with Davis’ practice habits. He also added that the players work more with the ball in mid-summer focusing more in recovery at the start of the offseason.

“Being a guy that played eight years in the league and had deep playoff runs with teams, there’s that time at the end of the year that you have to take care of your body,” Ham said in an appearance to Rich Eisen Show.

“All the pounding, the jumping, the running, especially when you’ve dealt with an array of injuries like Anthony has, you have to take time for your body, focus on your body and that’s what he’s doing.”

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Ham is going to face many challenges as the Lakers’ head coach starting for keeping his players motivated and healthy throughout the season. Lack of health was a main issue for the Lakers last season.

“I think he has his priorities in order. I don’t put too much weight on the firestorm that went on with that comment being made. I know he’s in a good place mentally. I know he’s in a good place physically.”

David missed a ton of games with multiple foot injuries, while LeBron James finished the year sidelined and spent enough time in the sideline nursing knee soreness. In addition, Kendrick Nunn was also out for most of the season and several other players missed time.

During his introductory presser, Ham talked about how keeping his star players healthy will be a big priority for him. His comments about Davis not shooting align with his original mission statement.

It’s going to be an interesting summer for the Lakers with the free agency and the draft coming soon. The franchise will hope to re-tool the roster and create an opportunity for a championship run next season after two consecutive disappointing endings in 2020-21 and 21-2022.

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