Kevin Durant takes the “wait and see” approach regarding Kyrie Irving free agency

Brooklyn Nets are expected to have a busy offseason with Kyrie Irving if they insist on being hesitant to offer him a shorter-term deal, as several outlets report. Kevin Durant talked recently about Irving’s potential decision.

“It’s no involvement at all. I can’t be involved with it,” he said on ETCs podcast. “This is this man’s livelihood. This is much bigger than me. Being a free agent, it’s one of the most important times in your career.

That can’t be swayed by anybody else. I just do me and wait for the time. There’s nothing that can happen right now. I don’t think he can even make a decision on opting out until the 29th, I think,” Durant continued.

I just let things play out and see what happens, but keep the regular contact up with Kai and see what happens. It’s something that’s so much out of my control that I don’t want to be a part of it. We’ll see what happens, though” the Nets’ star stated (h/t to

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There are several reports regarding Durant’s and Irving’s future with the New York franchise after an underwhelming 2021-22 season that ended up with an early playoff exit for the Brooklyn Nets.

When Sean Marks addressed the media after the end of the season he spoke about availability and players that want to be in Brooklyn and being part of the culture and the franchise.

“We’re looking for guys that want to come here and be part of something bigger than themselves. Play selfless, play team basketball and be available and that goes not only for Kyrie but for everybody here,” Marks said then.

Irving has until June 29 to decide whether he will opt out of the final $36.5 million year of his contract for 2022-23. If he does, he will become a free agent and he will be eligible for a max extension in the offseason.

Kevin Durant isn’t putting any pressure on Kyrie Irving as the latter figures out if he wants to remain with the Brooklyn Nets. Durant signed an extension during the last season and he has four years remaining in his current deal.

“That’s where I’m at with it. Basketball is obviously the most important thing but I try not to let that get in the way of somebody else’s personal decision. Like I said, whatever happens, the friendship will still be there.”

The two-time NBA Finals MVP wasn’t asked directly on the podcast if his future with the Nets would impact his standing with the organization. Durant originally signed with the Nets as a free agent in July 2019 via a sign-and-trade deal.

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