Facundo Campazzo says “door” for Real Madrid is not closed

Facundo Campazzo concludes the two-year contract he signed with the Denver Nuggets two years ago this summer. The franchise can exercise an option to keep him on the team at four million dollars, but it’s unclear if they will use it.

Regarding the possibility of returning to Europe, specifically to Real Madrid, Campazzo pointed out that “no door is closed to me” and added that “I would be delusional if I became obsessed with staying in the NBA.

And maybe I won’t receive any offer, Real Madrid has always been a second home for me, but I have to wait”.

Campazzo, who is with his national team for the FIBA World Cup qualifiers, obviously wants to stay in the NBA. However, he knows that in the European level is considered one of the best players in Europe.

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I don’t know what is going to happen, but I do know what is not going to happen. A franchise isn’t going to come and tell me ‘you’re going to be the starting point guard’ or ‘you’re going to be the reserve point guard’.

It is the same thing that has happened to me in previous years, that I have had to fight and win a place, but that is something that I like, it keeps me alert ”


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