Slovenia hopeful Goran Dragic will play in FIBA EuroBasket

Slovenia is hopeful Goran Dragic will join the national team ahead of the 2022 FIBA EuroBasket in September (1-18).

The star guard returned to the national team for the last two games of the first round of the Basketball World Cup Qualifiers. He scored 19 points vs Croatia and 20 vs Sweden, respectively, helping his team clinch its spot in the second round.

Even though he is now expected to retire from Slovenia, the head coach of the national team, Aleksander Sekulic, is hopeful Dragic will make his return in the EuroBasket.

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“I think we will know much sooner whether Goran Dragic will play or not. But it makes a big difference whether he’s there or not. Our tactics will also depend on that.

But of course we have here also Luka (Doncic) and quite a few other quality players. We all want Goran to be there, but we have to respect his decision, whatever that is. I also told him that he has an open door to the national team. Anytime.

He said he’s done with the national team and I won’t pressure him about deadlines. But if he decides to play for the national team, then we’ll agree on when he’ll join. He has enough time, we have enough time. Once we know, we’ll make plans,” Sekulic said, via

Goran Dragic recently agreed to an one-year deal with the Chicago Bulls and will return to the NBA for another season. For its part, Slovenia will start preparing for the EuroBasket on July 25.

In late August, the team will travel to Cologne for the group stage, where they will take on Lithuania, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and France.

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