Nets’ asking price for Kevin Durant might turning teams away, per NBA insider

The Brooklyn Nets are potentially searching for a gigantic return on a potential deal for Kevin Durant. As a result, the NBA teams interested in him might be discouraged to part ways with so many assets for one player, per ESPN’s Brian Windhorst (via RealGM).

“We have a pretty gigantic gulf between what the Nets’ value of Kevin Durant is and what the market is willing to pay,” said Brian Windhorst. “Again, this requires some nuance and I know that this potentially will be taken out of that context.”

The Nets obviously will need a massive package of assets to condone a trade deal around Durant with another team. The Rudy Gobert deal set the price range high as the Wolves sent five players and four 1st round picks to Utah.

Currently, the Nets are seeking a combination of the best assets from teams, including any All-Star player(s), rising young players with All-Star potential and substantial unprotected draft picks and pick swaps where applicable, per Michael Scotto of Hoopshype.

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“Kevin Durant is obviously a very valuable player. Nobody doubts that this guy is still in his prime years as an MVP level candidate, who can completely swing a team from pretender to contender with his presence,” Windhorst noted.

“However, the market does not want to pay a super premium price for him because if you trade away all of these top assets on your team to get him, he becomes less valuable to you. And that gulf is why we’re in a stalemate right now and could have one for a while.”

Durant reportedly has the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat as his preferred destinations if a deal occurred. For now, rumors and talks around a potential blockbuster trade for Durant might hit a stalemate.

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