Goran Dragic still undecided on playing for Slovenia in FIBA EuroBasket

Goran Dragic hasn’t made a decision yet on whether he will play for Slovenia in the FIBA EuroBasket in September (1-18).

The star guard said he will need some time to sort some personal things out first and then decide on his participation in the tournament.

“Honestly, I’m not close to a decision yet. I have to sort out some personal things first, so I have to go to Miami. Once that’s behind me, I’ll be able to decide whether I’ll play in EuroBasket or not.

If I am going to play in the tournament, I want to be with the team from the first day. Thus, we can develop chemistry both on and off the court in this way.

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However, if my matters drag on and I can only join the team a few days before EuroBasket, I don’t see the point in that. Without practices, it simply doesn’t work,” Goran Dragic told Spela Lenart of Siol.net.

Goran Dragic recently made his return to the national team and played in Slovenia’s games vs Croatia and Sweden in the finale of the first round of the Basketball World Cup Qualifiers.

He scored 19 points vs Croatia and 20 vs Sweden, respectively, helping his team clinch its spot in the second round.

Goran Dragic recently agreed to an one-year deal with the Chicago Bulls and will return to the NBA for another season. For its part, Slovenia will start preparing for the EuroBasket on July 25.

In late August, the team will travel to Cologne for the group stage, where they will take on Lithuania, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and France.

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