Stephen Curry shares thoughts on the criticism he receives for the NBA three-point revolution

Stephen Curry has obviously reverted the NBA’s style of play through the years as the three-point play became a bigger part of the teams’ plan. Curry’s three-point revolution came alongside the advanced analytics revolution to take over the game of basketball.

“Anytime you change or disrupt the way a game is played or the way something’s been done for years, for decades, there’s always going to be people that love it and people that hate it,” Curry said after the ESPY Awards in L.A., per LA Mag.

Curry has always been one of the most criticized superstars in the NBA since his MVP season. There used to be a time when even his fellow competitors didn’t respect the Warriors star’s playstyle.

At some point, the Spurs’ head coach and NBA legend Gregg Popovich said the Warriors’ type of play ‘belongs to the circus’, and that’s not basketball, while many fans disliked the way the game of basketball became more three-point heavy.

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Over time, though, Curry and the Warriors earned the respect of the rest of the basketball world for their consistent greatness. Last season, he broke the record for most threes in the history of the league surpassing Ray Allen.

“It’s just stretching people’s imagination of what’s possible out there on the court and for young kids to know it’s possible—but you have to work for it,” he added. “It takes time, so many reps, a lot of focus and dedication and discipline, but it’s possible.”

Curry finished another great season with the Warriors winning the fourth ring and the first Finals’ MVP of his career.


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