Slovenia HC on Luka Doncic: “His attitude is extraordinary”

Luka Doncic wants to play for the Slovenian National Team whenever he is healthy. With Doncic playing for Slovenia, the team reaches new heights as they participate in the Olympics for the first time last summer.

The Mavericks superstar will help Slovenia again this summer as he joined the team for EuroBasket 2022. Talking about the experience managing the basketball wunderkind, the team’s head coach Aleksander Sekulic talked about the culture he created around NT.

Sekulic said that players were searching for reasons to not represent their country before Luka came along, but now things have changed. Everyone wants to play for Slovenia and get a chance to be teammates with Doncic.

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“When a player of his caliber perceives Slovenia in such a way, it is much easier to build a national team culture. In the past, we often had problems with this in our country. There were basketball players looking for excuses to take summers off. Now the picture is different,” noted in an interview on SportKlub Slovenija.

The Slovenian National Team has two more World Cup qualifiers in August before looking to defend their EuroBasket championship in September. Luka Doncic has already committed to playing, and the team is hoping Goran Dragic will join him.

“The key feedback that I get from him is exceptional. He is respectful. A bit too formal at times. But this is Luka,” Sekulic said. “I can say that I never once got the feeling that playing for the national team was unnecessary for him. On the contrary, his attitude is extraordinary.”

Doncic will be ready as he looks to lead Slovenia into the World Cup and help them win their second straight EuroBasket title.

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