Sixers’ coach notes one area Tyrese Maxey should improve next season

Sixers’ guard Tyrese Maxey quickly become a servisable player during his rookie season and he was named a starter last season amidst the Ben Simmons drama in Philadelphia. Maxey was the main ball handler for his team for a big part of the 2021-22 campaign.

After his first season in the NBA, Maxey took a significant leap during his sophomore effort. He started in 74 of the 75 games he appeared in and doubled his production as he put up 17 points per game and four assists while knocking down 42 percent of his threes.

In an interview with in an interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Noah Levick, Sixers’ assistant coach Sam Cassell spoke on the area Maxey have to improve ahead of a demanding 2022-23 season.

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“This kid, he’s going to develop an 18-foot, mid-range game off the dribble. … It’s all about just him being comfortable with it. He shot 40-something percent from the three-point line. And we want to improve that stat.”

“Once he becomes a legitimate three-level scorer, he’s special. He’s a two-level scorer right now. If he gets that third part, the mid-range game … which I mastered as a player, and I just tell him certain things he has to do to become a good mid-range shooter. Once he gets that, he’ll be real special,” Cassell noted later in the interview.

Maxey has a legit chance to become a star in the league. His speed is unmatchable, and his ability to shoot while dribbling the ball is also a great aspect of his game. He was more under control last season and he will likely be even better entering his third year with the Sixers.

At some point, Maxey operated as the second-best player for the Sixers last season, especially before James Harden joined the team. However, even with Harden on the floor Maxey remained aggressive and showed his talents.



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