Lakers could see LeBron James leave if they don’t build a contending team

The Los Angeles Lakers should not be so confident about LeBron James remaining with the franchise and signing a new deal.

If they fail to create a contending squad and are a bottom-tier playoff team, the four-time NBA champion could part ways with the franchise and join another title contender.

“If the Lakers don’t do everything they can to build a title contender around LeBron, or if they try to do so and fail, he should leave for basketball reasons.

Family, business, and the joy that comes from living in Los Angeles might outweigh the desire to bolster his legacy in a new city. But there are still chapters to be written that involve him winning on the court,” Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer writes.

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Lakers GM Rob Pelinka and LeBron James have already started negotiating a two-year contract extension, worth $97.1M, which the four-time NBA champion could sign in the form of an 1+1 deal with a player option next summer.

At the moment, though, LeBron James doesn’t seem concerned about his new deal. Instead, he wants to see the Lakers create a competitive team and return to the NBA playoffs after a disappointing 2021/22 campaign.

The Lakers have yet to make a blockbuster offseason move, while they spend their time trying to trade Russell Westbrook and and land another superstar, like Kyrie Irving.

At the moment, though, it is more likely the former NBA MVP will start the season as part of the squad.

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