Carmelo Anthony to release four-part docuseries about his career

Carmelo Anthony will release a four-part docuseries about his basketball career Nellie Andreeva of Deadline reports. Anthony titled the docuseries “Seven” referring to his signature jersey number.

Anthony is a member of the Top-75 player of all time, and a future Hall of Famer being one of the best scorers the league has ever seen. The docuseries will focus on several aspects of Melo’s life, including his childhood and his on and off court triumphs and struggles.

“Named after Anthony’s signature jersey, Seven will chronicle the life and career of the 10-time NBA All-Star and entrepreneur, starting with his childhood, diving into the good, the bad, and sometimes ugly experiences and learnings that shaped him into the man and the athlete that he is today.”

In recent memory, there have been a number of good basketball documentaries released. The most notable one is The Last Dance, which chronicled Michael Jordan’s time with the Chicago Bulls focusing on the last season he spent in Chicago.

Carmelo Anthony’s career highlights to day include him being a three-time Olympic gold medalist, ninth on the NBA all-time scorer list and one of the NBA’s top 75 players in history. It will be interesting to see his story by his perspective.

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He has played for the Denver Nuggets, New York Nicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers and, most recently, the Los Angeles Lakers. As of now, he’s still a free agent despite the good individual season he had. last year.

Many believed the Lakers would re-sign Anthony, but he remains a free agent. However, Carmelo Anthony has been on the radar of many other teams.

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