Andrew Wiggins not willing to make 3-year commitment to Team Canada

Andrew Wiggins addressed his participation in Team Canada during the upcoming FIBA Basketball World Cup (2023) and the Olympic Games (2024).

Back in May, Andrew Wiggins wasn’t listed on the “summer core” roster of 14 players for the Paris Olympics. Hence, it is uncertain whether he will join the team for the coming major FIBA tournaments.

The superstar forward of the Golden State Warriors is not willing to make a three-year commitment to Team Canada, so he doesn’t have a guaranteed spot on the roster.

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“They wanted a long-term commitment,” Wiggins said in a recent interview with Sportsnet. “Right now, (my priority) is for the Golden State Warriors. I got kids.

I got family. I got a life outside of basketball. So, to commit three years to the Warriors and to Canada Basketball, it wouldn’t make sense to me… I spend the whole time in-season with the Warriors, and summertime I get to decide.

I would love to play if they made the Olympics,” Andrew Wiggins added. “But I won’t do no three-year commitment, you know? If not — I wouldn’t lose no sleep over it if they didn’t let me. If they didn’t, that would be on them.”

Team Canada is undefeated in the BWC Qualifiers after 10 games (10-0) and has already clinched its spot in the tournament.


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