Jabari Parker on EuroLeague competitiveness, rivalries in Europe

FC Barcelona star Jabari Parker came to Europe having great expectations on his shoulder. However, after 10 games, everything seems to be in place for him as he contributes effectively and help the Catalans win.

The 28-year-old has already showed his talents as a former Top-5 pick in the NBA draft claiming that he loves the way things are set in the EuroLeague environment reminding of his college days where every game mattered.

“It’s very competitive, it’s guys who play basketball the right way and the environment [atmosphere], most importantly, stands out,” Jabari Parker told EuroLeague.net.

 “It kind of reminds me of college playing here in Europe: every game is counted for,” Parker noted on the European basketball rivalries.

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…It can either build you or break you and it matters when you play in certain tournaments and for bragging rights. We not only have a rival in [Real] Madrid, but we have rivals everywhere we go and that’s how serious it is.”

Parker has set his sights on success as FC Barcelona (8-2) under Roger Grimau remains 2nd in the standings behind arch-rivals Real Madrid (10-0). The Catalans are set to face LDLC ASVEL on Friday hoping to remain close to the top of the standings.

Jabari Parker is averaging 9.5 points and 4.5 through his first 10 EuroLeague games of his career and played a huge role in FC Barcelona early success to the season.

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