Lakers set sight on buyout market after quiet deadline

The Los Angeles Lakers elected to stand pat during the trade deadline as the LA franchise established that there is no a deal to be done on Thursday evening. The Lakers were considered to be among the suitors for All-Star point guard Dejounte Murray.

However, the Lakers had not enough assets to bring to the squad a piece who will improve the team marginally. According to Pelinka, the Lakers had only one draft asset that they could insert in a potential trade and there was no real interest from the team to just make a move that would not improve the squad drastically.

“We tried everything we could, and again, the market is the market,” Rob Pelinka admitted via ESPN. “There was very, very few sellers. I don’t think today, on the deadline day, there were many marquee players moved.”

“There were a lot of buyers and, as everyone knows, when the market has few sellers and tons of buyers, the prices are very, very aggressive. And sometimes no move is better than an unwise move.”

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As of now, the Lakers are barely over .500 (27-26) with a few games remaining before the All-Star break and have won 6 of their last 10 games. Before the trade deadline, there was clear indication that the franchise wanted to move the need, but the dry market prevented them from making a deal.

Lakers set sight on buyout market with Spencer Dinwiddie being the main target

The Los Angeles Lakers will look to improve their squad via the NBA buyout market as many players are expected to be free agents after the trade deadline. That said, former All-Star Kyle Lowry is set to become a free agent after the Heat sent him to Charlotte in a trade deal in January.

However, the Lakers have set their sights on Spencer Dinwiddie, who joined the Toronto Raptors in exchange for Dennis Schroder. The Raptors are expected to waive Dinwiddie and the Lakers might be among the suitors. Before the trade, Dinwiddie averaged 12.6 points and 6.0 assists through 48 games with the Nets.

“There’s a really good group of names available in the looming buyout market,” Pelinka noted. “Thankfully under the new [collective bargaining agreement], we’re in a position where we can be buyout players. Some teams can’t sign buyout players at a certain level of spending. So we’re going to look for ways to upgrade our team there.”

Other notable names in the buyout market are veteran forward Danilo Gallinari, swingman Marcus Morris, sharpshooter Joe Harris and veteran forward Thaddeus Young.


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