Patrick Beverley makes bold statement after trade to Milwaukee

Patrick Beverley was the lone trade move that the Milwaukee Bucks made during the NBA trade deadline on Feb.8. The Bucks were desperate to add a veteran defense-first guard to their roster and did it by sending Cam Payne and a 2nd rounder to Philadelphia.

Beverley started his career in Milwaukee with a victory as the Bucks put an end to a 3-game losing streak on Saturday. Beverley finished with 6 points and 4 assists in 12 minutes of play as the Bucks blew past the Hornets 84-120.

In his first statement as a Buck, the pesky defender made a strong statement despite being generally surprised by the fact that he was traded during the deadline. Patrick Beverley admitted that he was not expecting to change teams mid-season.

“You know, NBA world, obviously, as a player, everything happens so fast. My time with the Sixers was great. I built some great relationships there. I was playing some of my best basketball I think I’ve ever played since I’ve been in the NBA.

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But obviously, you know, trade deadline, this was the only trade I was kind of surprised by. I didn’t see this coming,” said Beverley via Sports Illustrated.

Before the trade deadline, Beverley had an important role in Philadelphia helping the team to a 30-20 record playing alongside first-time All-Star Tyrese Maxey. He averaged 6.3 points, along with 3.1 rebounds and 3.1 assist in 19 minutes per game.

Patrick Beverley in tune with Bucks’ high expectations

Going from a contender to another contending franchise with high expectation, Beverley knew that he had to be ready to compete from day 1. The Bucks are in the midst of a rough patch as they have lost 5 of their last 8. They have a 2-5 record under new head coach Doc Rivers.

Rivers replaced rookie head coach Adrian Griffin despite the fact he led the team to a 32-14 record to start the season. Patrick Beverley spoke about the high expectation and what he can offer to the Milwaukee Bucks going forward. The veteran guard has worked under Doc Rivers when he was part of the Clippers squad some year ago.

“It’s not a lot of time to practice a lot, it’s not a lot of time to kind of get to do everything on the go. Me coaching on the sidelines, giving my guys some advice. I might come off kind of strong because we don’t have a lot of time but I’m here to win. I’m here to win whatever it takes,” Patrick Beverley admitted.

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