EuroLeague rumors: Sasha Vezenkov prefers to stay in the NBA

Sacramento Kings forward Sasha Vezenkov appeared bleak after an underwhelming season in California. The former EuroLeague MVP was not satisfied with his role in Sacramento and was looking for a way out of the franchise. However, according to what a Kings insider reports, Sacramento is not inclined to let Vezenkov leave without getting something back.

According to Sean Cunningham, a Kings Radio Reporter at FOX40, Sasha Vezenkov is not inclined to leave the NBA and he prefers to play there for the upcoming season. As for the Kings, they would like to keep the Bulgarian superstar, but there’s also interest for him coming from other NBA teams.

Although Sasha is frustrated with the lack of time in his first season, sources tell me that the report that he wants to leave the NBA is not true. A source close to the player called this report baseless and told me that Vezenkov will honor his contract.

The Kings want to keep him, but there is interest in the market for him. It remains to be seen if Sacramento or another team will offer him a bigger role.

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Vezenkon will enter the second year of a three-year deal he signed last summer after leaving Olympiacos. His deal for the 2024-25 season is partially guaranteed, while the third season is a team’s option. It remains to be seen if the Sacramento Kings will include Vezenkov in a deal this summer.

Sasha Vezenkov coming off a disappointing rookie season

The Sacramento Kings are coming off a disappointing season where they missed the playoff after finishing as a top-6 seed the year before. Vezenkov was not a big part of their plans as he only appeared in 42 games and averaged 5.4 points and 2.3 rebounds on 37.5 percent shooting from deep.

A high-usage star in the EuroLeague, Sasha Vezenkov found it difficult to revert to a minimal role in his first season in the NBA. He also dealt with injuries during the second part of the season that left him behind in the Kings’ rotation.

There were murmurs about his future in the NBA however, it remains to be seen if Vezenkov is locked in staying in the United States. As it was confirmed by Vasilje Micic’s case, a change for scenery could be what the former Olympiacos star needs.

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